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[sticky post] Hello Dearies

So, this is the personal journal of the fanfic writer namlessliberty7! If you want to read my odd ramblings, feel free to comment and I shall add you back :) Here you will see my thoughts and ideas, most of which will probably been seen in my later writings. Anywho, thank you for dropping by!


My thoughts today...

It isn't anything ground breaking, or anything extremely thought provoking, but it makes you feel a little better when it comes to a word that we all hate: Disappointment.

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Of Waitresses and Perspective

  I remember a couple years back with my soccer team, we had a fundraiser where we all served as waitresses at a diner for a day. We sold tickets to people that would come, and all the tips that we made we got to keep and put towards our fund for traveling and such for the year. During that time, we were all complaining about how we would rather be doing something else with our weekend, but we still did what was required of us.
  On a Co-ed soccer team I play on with my mom and sister, we always go out to the same restaurant afterwards. It is always pretty late, and always on a friday night. It was last friday that I realized though, we always have the same waitress. It was that night, staring at the ceiling of the room, that I began to think.

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